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May 22, 2018 By Vern Chong

PVE Club and Wall of Remembrance

As a bit of history, what happened during the planning of construction of the facilities here at PVE was significant. One of the founding NCROC board directors noted that no space was planned for a bar or cocktail lounge. Whether CCRCs usually have a bar or not was not the issue. The founding board members were all retired military officers and not having a bar was viewed as a big oversight. Subsequently, space was made for what we know as “The Club.” Lt. Colonel John DeRonde, an attorney and former judge, was the board member who pointed out the oversight, and you may have noted that the Club is dedicated to him on a plaque posted outside the entrance.

Our former military members remember “The Club” on a base or post to which we were assigned. Whether at our home base, on TDY (Temporary Duty), or on leave, we could go there for socialization and dinner. It was a comfortable place to be, especially when away from home. Many of us socialized with fellow military members and spouses after hours, enjoyed friends, and relaxed as a family. Here at PVE, we also socialize, reminisce, and enjoy the company of fellow residents at the Club, and we thank the founding board members for their foresight in providing it.

On the walls of the Club are pictures and mementos that remind us of the good and difficult times of military service. Each military service is represented there. Many of the objects are very personal remembrances of times in the service while others are general in nature. Most of the pictures are on loan and can be claimed by the owners at any time, but many have been posted for years. There are photographs of military members, airplanes, ships, and places; collages of events and of individuals; plaques; and an assortment of other memories. So the Club is an excellent place to take visitors and family members to view the many mementos, socialize and illustrate PVE’s origins.

The mementos are numbered and cataloged with descriptions or brief explanations provided in a binder in the Club. If you would like to see the binder, please ask Amanda or whoever is tending the bar.

The Wall of Remembrance Committee is comprised of representatives of the various military services. Currently, an Army representative is needed. Veterans from all services are welcome. If you have a framed or picture or memento that can be framed for consideration for the wall, please ask one of the committee members: Bob Isherwood, Warren MacQuarrie, Betty St. George, Tad Riley and Vern Chong.


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