Military Traditions

May 24, 2018 By Julie Turner

Celebrating Memorial Day

At Paradise Valley Estates, Memorial Day means far more than the unofficial start of summer. For many of our residents, it’s a daylong celebration of the many honorable men and women who died serving our nation as well as a reminder of one’s own time in the U.S. military.

The residents of Paradise Valley Estates have extraordinary stories and experiences to recall from around the world. Among our neighbors are World War II mission pilots, prisoners of war, retired military nurses, captains, chaplains and many others who served with honor and distinction. Our community’s Military Committee spearheads planning for the annual Memorial Day celebration and other events to honor military branches.

Each year, we begin Memorial Day at the Paradise Valley Estates flagpole for a ceremonial raising of the flag to half-staff in honor of those lost. After the Taps bugle call, many of our community’s retired military officers share invocations, pledges, remembrances, songs, benedictions and other honorary protocols. It’s a moving ceremony to commemorate a sacred honor.

Afterward, the spirited gathering continues in a community meal of epic proportions. Residents, spouses and guests celebrate the holiday together over barbecue and all the trimmings. Later, as a final tribute, community members gather once again at the flagpole to lower the flag together.

Tears, memories and laughter flow freely throughout the day. What never wavers is the steadfast pride of our honorable neighbors. On Memorial Day as they mourn lost friends and loved ones, we honor both the fallen and the living. Their willingness to step forward changed the course of the world — and continues to today.


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