September 22, 2020 By Fred Montonye

Piece of Pie

I found it quite surprising when our at-home Paradise Valley Estates kitchen delivery service surprised us one day by offering a locally made pizza as a special. Upon ordering it, I was immediately reminded of my first introduction to a pizza pie.

In my freshman year at college in 1949 at Bowling Green, Ohio just south of Toledo, I was pledging a fraternity. One Saturday night, a carload of us were enjoying a college boys’ entertainment activity — beer drinking around the countryside.

Rather late that night on our way back home, we were going through Toledo when we spotted a late-night café. So, we decided to stop for something to eat. Upon entering, we were greeted by a woman who definitely came across as the owner.

She said, “Welcome boys. I have a special for you tonight — pizza pie!” One of my friends immediately said, “A piece of pie! Do you have any peach?” “No,” she said, “This is a hot melted cheese dish from Italy. Now would you like to try some?”

We said, “Yes.” Even my fraternity brother decided to try it. And he, along with all of us, thought it was great and we all became pizza pie fans. I wonder if any of those lads are still with us, and when they order pizza, do they remember that story as well?


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