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September 24, 2020 By Monique Rogers

Assisted Living Logs On for Life Enrichment

Technology’s role in life has hit warp speed in recent years. Rapid advances in data management, digital platforms, software, smartphones, virtual assistants and evolving products and services have fueled technology’s prominence in daily life.

It’s also become integral to communities like Paradise Valley Estates. Our Northern California Life Plan Community, which includes maintenance free living and a full continuum of care including a variety of assisted living services, has integrated technology to drive advancements in clinical care, life enrichment, safety and socialization.

Whether it’s obvious clinical care advancements such as electronic medical records or telehealth that increase health care efficiency and access, the healthful benefits of technology extend well beyond medical care. Wearable devices now measure minute physical data on the go. Fitness equipment such as the HUR machines in the community’s Power House gym share data to drive improvements in physical fitness. Each residence in our 76-acre gated, master planned community includes 24-hour safety monitoring and emergency response that help residents live both independently and with greater safety.

Technology has equally broadened life enrichment and social opportunities for seniors. Wireless internet supports on-demand research of inquiries, keeps them up to date with news and events in real time, and offers new ways to connect with friends and family around the world.

Knowing that unfamiliar technology can initially present challenges, PVE’s life enrichment team provides one-on-one help so residents can learn how to use a product or platform for their preferred purpose. One of their favorite pursuits, our team has found, is being able to research any question that pops into their mind.

Zoom and FaceTime have been great additions, too. Being able to see and hear family members is always an anticipated and exciting part of each resident’s day. When team members are invited to meet family members virtually, it’s a great privilege. We’re able to learn about a resident’s history and what type of family they raised as well as get to know family members and the amazing lives they have been living.

Technology also assists those residents with memory or cognition impairment. At Paradise Valley Estates, we use specialized tablet-based programs for stimulation, to improve memory and cognition, and to improve quality of life.

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