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January 4, 2018 By Bruce Bartels

Marines Celebrate Number 242

A group of more than 100 residents and friends helped the small contingent of Marines at Paradise Valley Estates celebrate the service’s 242nd birthday on November 10.

Maj. Frank Strong was the MC for the celebration and welcomed the guests. After the pledge to our flag, ex-Marine Bill Tschudy read General Lejeune’s directive to have a “celebration” each November 10th when one or more Marines gather together. Capt. Dave Eller read the current Commandant’s message to the Corps.

After a wonderful dinner prepared by our kitchen staff and delivered by our dining room staff, the guests were treated to the speech of the evening. It turned out that the scheduled speaker had been forced to cancel at the last minute. Lucky for us, our own Col. Warren MacQuarrie stepped up and filled in for the absent speaker with excerpts from his soon-to-be published book, “Love and War.” His book is a snapshot of a warrior who saw combat in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

As always, the highlight of the evening is the cake ceremony, in which the oldest and youngest Marines present share a piece of cake with one another. Col. MacQuarrie and Capt. Dave Eller did the honors with an assist from Maj. Frank Strong. Following the cake cutting ceremony, the dining staff cut the rest of the cake and everyone present got to join in the celebration with their own piece of Marine birthday cake.

After a series of toasts to the various services, the entire room rose and sung the Marines’ Hymn—a very fitting closure to one of the country’s most treasured traditions. And we all say, “Semper Fidelis.”


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