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February 17, 2022 By Julie Turner

Local Planner: Heritage Center at Travis Air Force Base

The Travis Air Force Base Heritage Center was created to educate airmen assigned to Travis AFB and the 60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW) about the significance and importance of its worldwide strategic air mobility, humanitarian airlift efforts and nuclear deterrence. Now an aviation museum, it’s complete with full-size aircraft and informative exhibits and can be enjoyed over an 1-2 hour visit.

The museum is home to educational exhibits, a gift shop and more than 25 full-size, well-preserved aircraft of aviation eras from pre-WW II to the Cold War, including:

  • the Globemaster, America’s largest and last propeller-driven transport
  • the Superfortress, state-of-the-art bombardment technology from the 1940s
  • a 1953 era Delta Dagger, which operated in Vietnam from 1962 until 1970

Due to limited staffing, call 707-424-8180 before a planned visit to ensure the museum is open. If you have a valid military ID, you can present your ID at the gate and drive to the museum. Nonmilitary guests can enter using a shuttle service, which must be arranged in advance by calling 707-424-8180. Full visitor guidelines are available online.

The center is located at 400 Brennan Circle at Travis Air Force Base, in Fairfield, CA (94535).

Image credit: Travis Air Force Base


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