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May 14, 2020 By Victoria Stone

Live From Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates has always been ahead of the curve in using technology to support resident communication and social connections. In fact, before the coronavirus was daily news in the United States, the Life Plan Community’s information technology (IT) and communications teams had already begun planning for a regular community livestream program in an effort to enhance communication and entertainment options beyond the community’s in-house cable channel, says Dave Nadeau, IT and convention services supervisor.

Then the COVID-19 crisis hit.

With residents quarantined and following the community’s self-distancing rules, the community suspected regular livestreams could be a valuable way to keep residents informed, engaged and entertained. So, plans for an immediate launch began quickly and the first livestream hit YouTube on Tuesday, March 17.

Using the latest open source broadcasting software, the team began with a twice-weekly COVID-19 update and is now adding additional programs as ideas flow from staff and residents for shows that can be watched live, or recorded for playback on the community cable channel and the PVE Pulse, the online resident portal.

The first program out of the gate was the COVID-19 updates, which are designed to keep residents well informed on the virus, it’s impact on the nation and region, and the community’s health status. The updates, which stream live every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 pm, are hosted by Kevin Burke, the community’s CEO. Residents have expressed gratitude for the reliable, real-time information the livestreams provide.

With the success of the COVID-19 livestreams, the team began transforming popular campus programs and activities into virtual experiences. PVE residents can now attend twice-daily online wellness, fitness or mental wellbeing classes, a daily Today-style talk show, and weekly Sunday worship services in several denominations.

The Today in Paradise show is another established success. The lively program, which is pre-recorded and streamed three days per week, is a blend of talk show and game show, where the hosts discuss interesting topics, dress up in costumes, and share games and quizzes with viewers.

New programs such as the just-launched Not So Late Show are in the early stages of development and gaining a following.

While the programs provide engaging experiences and inject healthy laughter into a trying time, they’re also a trustworthy resource. With so much unknown about the virus and health recommendations changing on what feels like a daily basis, residents have been able to tune in for clear information about the virus’ impact on the region, state and nation, how the Life Plan Community is adopting to help keep them safe and what services are available to provide ongoing assistance and peace of mind.

With the resounding success of the new media options, it won’t be surprising to find more residents joining the production team or pitching and developing new programs. Perhaps someday we’ll be lucky enough to be treated to a PVE-style treatment of “The Golden Girls” — an Emmy-award winner for sure!

Visit the Greater Good to learn how our Life Plan Community residents and team members are working hard to keep our community well and safe.

On the Today in Paradise show, hosted by Paradise Valley Estates team members, viewers can enjoy lively discussions of history, learn about virtual events they can participate in and more.

Paradise Valley Estates’ COVID-19 livestreams blend facts and fun to keep residents up to date on the community’s efforts to keep the virus away from the Northern California campus.


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