May 12, 2020 By Walt McDaniel

Joy to the World

Joy is a three-letter word, a common word used daily in conversations by everyone. If you just close your eyes and think about it, you will agree. “Yes, you’re right!”

I decided to do some research on the subject. Mr. Webster identified the word joy as “elation, a very glad feeling, happiness, great pleasure, delight, anything causing such feeling and the expression showing such feeling.” That covers a lot of ground. To explore other information tools, I assumed that my good friend Google would provide more coverage. It did — about five pages worth, a history lesson, not what I was really looking for.

I figured that checking in on my own memory bank was the best source of use by using family, places, events or conversational tidbits. Family was first: “You are my love, my joy. You are the joy of my life. What a joy seeing our baby for the first time. My baby is the joy of my life. Watching our child grow up is such a great joy. A friend said it was a joy to watch my kids grow. My heart was filled with joy when my children graduated. Joy filled the room when she sang. I jumped with joy when he made a touchdown.” You can see this is only a small example. Your memory bank can add oodles more.

Some everyday hints: “It is a joy to see you again. I am filled with joy about our trip. Your home is a joy to see. Your parents must get much joy from your family. That show was filled with joy. Your dinner was a joy to all. I look forward with joy to our next trip. I am filled with joy. I am overwhelmed with joy about my new job. Our new car is a joy to drive. Smiles of joy meeting new friends. Christmas when we sing “Joy to the World.” Just think how often this little three letter word is part of our conversations.

Just add some letters to the word “joy” and you have more descriptions loaded into your memories: “enjoy, joyful, joyous, joyless, joy ride, overjoyed.”

It is obvious that I am “jumping with joy” at this season of the year.


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