Life Here

August 14, 2018 By Georgia DeBarr

June Joy Ride

We had quite a crowd joining Paradise Players for the “June Joy Ride” that took residents on a fast-paced journey to a convenience store and on down the road, stopping at three restaurants along the way.

The Stick-Up

Fred (Ray Arnold) running short on funds and holding a toy gun, tried to get the sales clerk, Shirley (Sueva Terry), to cooperate — with no luck. Charlie, a customer (Tom Terry), observed the scene while he shopped and appeared later to try the same ruse. Shirley didn’t even look up from reading the newspaper when he came in and immediately told him to “go home.” The neighborhood store is well guarded.

The High School Reunion

The next stop was the Old Oak Café, where one crabby 101-year-old, Patrick (Ed Williams), was about to hold the 83rd annual reunion of the Class of 1931 Central High School. No matter that no one else would be there, he was still all business. He wasn’t too happy when Thomas (Joe Spinelli) appeared at the table, introducing himself as a member of the class, but then things got better when they sang the school alma mater with the help of Robert (Jerry Martin), the restaurant host, who had heard this song every year and sang it from memory. The scene ended with a motion, seconded, to hold the “big one” — the 85th reunion — at the same time and place where it’s always been held: the Old Oak Café. We’ll try to come back in two years.

A Slight Misunderstanding

With Mom (Darline Baker) and daughter, Janet (Georgia DeBarr), talking on the phone, you learn that a new puppy has been selected for Jimmy’s birthday surprise.  Janet’s friends, Harriett (Ann Waldman) and Maude (Donna Hyatt) have already heard about “the new little addition” — what the puppy is being referred to — to keep it a surprise. Somehow, this has become “a new baby” in their minds and a misunderstanding of the facts. You can guess how this luncheon conversation goes between the three ladies. They leave Janet sitting at the table wondering what she said to spoil the lunch date.

Lunch with Eddie

The last restaurant at the end of the trip has a spicy menu and a “too-helpful” waiter named Eddie (Dave Nadeau), who continually interrupts the conversation between friends, Marge (Marie Smith) and Clara (Kimmie McCann). He manages to get them into a shouting match over what they would like to order and what he thinks they ought to eat. They leave without getting their food, but Eddie has the last word — asking for a tip! If a card rating this restaurant were left on the table, it would be burning without a match!


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