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August 13, 2018 By Georgia DeBarr

Cat Tale Dinner

The first Cat Tale Dinner at PVE was held on June 11. Inspired by new cat owner, Georgia DeBarr, who thought that it would be very entertaining to hear how other cats behave – or misbehave – she suggested that Life Enrichment schedule a dinner that would include: Catnip Salad (mixed greens), Fish & Chips or Chicken Bits in Gravy over Biscuits, Corn on the Cob (cats love!) and Temptations (a cat treat brand) Dessert.

Each resident brought a photo of their cat (not a family photo) with the cat’s age on the back. The oldest and youngest cats received a jar of cat treats. The table decorations included cattails in the flower arrangement and KitKat Bars at each setting. Not to be forgotten were the elegant tall cat-design bottles of Rose and Riesling that are bottled in Germany.

Each resident was allowed two minutes to tell a tale about their clever and funny feline(s).

There was a reading and analysis of Carl Sandburg’s “Fog” in which he wrote about the fog that comes on silent feet and sits on its haunches over the city.

At the close of the evening, two talented PVE residents sang Rosinni’s “Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti” or in other words, “Duet for Two Cats.” If you are not familiar with this piece of music, it is a wonderful duet without words – only “meows.”  It was a perfect closing for a “purr-fect” evening.


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