a bench situated between two large bushes blooming with pink flowers.
July 1, 2024 By Maura Zambarano

Improve Your Health and Mood : 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Flowers

You don’t need a green thumb or an extravagant flower budget to reap the benefits of a
floral landscape when you live at Paradise Valley Estates. The manicured gardens
surrounding each building are filled with seasonal flowering plants and the shaded walking
paths covering  the 76- acre campus are alive with the colors and fresh scents that have always drawn nature lovers to northern California.



  • Connection and Sense of Well-Being. Flowers trigger the release of endorphins and other forms of the brain’s “feel good” chemicals helping you feel more connected to your environment and those around you. An increase of endorphins can also be a powerful tool for easing pain, anxiety, and other stressors.


  • Flowers positively influence your sense of smell. Man-made scent is a billion-dollar industry but if you want to enjoy fresh floral scents in their purest form, nothing compares to the smell of fresh cut flowers.  Researchers say inhaling the scents of certain plants has been practiced since ancient times to reduce stress, fight inflammation and depression, and induce sleep. If you are choosing flowers for their fragrance potential, consider Hyacinth, garden roses, daffodils, lilac, freesia, rosemary, lavender, star jasmine, or honeysuckle. The grounds of Paradise Valley Estates are covered in northern California’s most popular flowers and herbs, including  rosemary, star jasmine, roses and more!


  • The Satisfaction of Caretaking. Pruning, watering, and fertilizing plants gives you something external to focus on each day.  It is rewarding to watch something grow into a magnificent thing of beauty that is only there because of you and your care.


  • Better Mood No matter the season, it is not hard to find a colorful bouquet of flowers to add a pop of color to cheer up your living space and boost your mood.  Flowers can promote memory, clarity and reduce stress and anxiety.



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