November 23, 2021 By Dick Youngflesh

Illusions of Grandeur

I am indulging in reminisces during these COVID interruptions of my normal life. One such memory was when as a newly commissioned second lieutenant, a friend, Walt Schrup, and I were moving from a training base in Florida to an assignment in Texas. We were following one another in our own cars when we passed a beautiful golf course just north of Orlando, Florida. Being avid amateur golfers, we stopped at the gate of the course and introduced ourselves to the security guard. “We’re Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force and members of our Officers Club! We believe it has reciprocity privileges with your country club! We’d like to play your course!”

The guard politely said “This club does not have reciprocity privileges with any other club. However, maybe you know someone who is a member, and you can go in as a guest. Where are you from?”

I told the guard, “I’m from Indiana!” He replied, “I don’t believe we have any members from Indiana.” With that comment, my friend Walt, who was from South Dakota, decided not to mention where he was from.

Just then, about 20 yards away, the Duke of Windsor stepped out of the club house and walked past us. Walt and I suddenly realized we were way out of our social depth. We thanked the guard for his courtesy in not throwing us out in the first place and resumed our journey. That golf course remained unplayed by two U.S. Air Force Second Lieutenants.


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