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February 18, 2016 By Kimmie McCann

Golfing in Paradise

For golfers, Paradise Valley Estates is, well . . . Paradise! Not only do we live on a beautiful municipal course, but we have another which is equally good just a few miles away. They are Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano Golf Course. Find more information about these two lovely courses at

The golfing group here at PVE, affectionately known as the Moaners and Groaners, is a wonderful group of enthusiastic golfers of all abilities. We play a scramble once a month, followed by a banquet wehre we relive the events of the day with humor and compassion.

For those who would like to play more often, there are limitless possibilities. The Paradise Valley course has both ladies and men’s leagues for those who crave competition. It’s always an option to gather a foursome and just go out and have fun. In addition to the two fine courses here in Fairfield, there are a number of others within a short drive. There is Green Tree in Vacaville, Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo and Chardonnay in Napa.

The PVE golfing community also has a charitable component. This year will mark the third year the community has sponsored a charity golf tournament to benefit Fisher House at Travis Air Force Base. Fisher house serves as a home away from home for the families or soldiers facing serious and ongoing medical treatment at David Grant Medical Center. Last year the tournament raised over $20,000 and the hope is to raise even more this year.


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