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February 18, 2016 By Jan Heise

Belly Up to the Barre

In the Fitness Department’s ongoing effort to entice residents to keep fit, strong and flexible, the staff always searches for the latest exercise methods.

The ballet barre class is a recent addition and no dance or ballet experience is required! However, it can make you feel like a dancer and want to show a little flair. Just ask Bill McNamara (Can you pick him out?).

What is Ballet Barre? According to instructor Christina Persinger, the class is fun and a true total workout. The Barre workout is a series of movements that strengthen the entire body and ensure that no muscle is overlooked.

Barre uses body weight as resistance to focus on alignment and optimal posture while enhancing body awareness, coordination, balance and strength. You might say that it is like Standing Pilates with all the same positive effects.


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