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January 5, 2016 By Dottie Shelly

A Gala Evening in Paradise

Paradise Valley Estates host a truly awesome Christmas Gala early each year that gets the residents and friends off to a happy and jolly holiday season. This year of 2015 was one to be long remembered.

The whole campus was decorated beautifully by elves that arrive the weekend after Thanksgiving and transform PVE into a Holiday Wonderland. There are the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees everywhere.

The Community Center is a show stopper from the main lobby to the Main Dining Room. It is a beautiful setting for the exciting Christmas Gala that is anticipated by residents to start them off in the Christmas spirit.

As one enters the lobby, standing there are the beautiful Marketing ladies and many staff with Holiday Greetings, guiding the attendees to the huge Christmas tree for photos. You are then escorted to the cocktail area for a glass of bubbling champagne you find sitting on a long ice sculptured bar, sculpted by our very own Dining Service Director, David Kalbaugh. It is an awesome work of art. Working their way through a crowded hall of smiling face are servers carrying trays of delicious appetizers for an hour of residents socializing before going into different dining venues.

In the Main Dining Room the happy attendees find beautifully set tables inviting them for the special dinner prepared by the hard working kitchen staff, headed by Executive Chef, Dwayne Scott. Playing for their dining pleasure is Chamber Music, played by the David Landen Classical Quartet.

In Rawlinson Hall gathered more party-goers to dine on the same fine dinner with the upbeat music of the John Skinner Band for dancing pleasure. The dance floor was full of smiling faces, cutting a rug in great style. In the Café area, tables were taken out for dancing with the fabulous David Landen Trio. The music was so wonderful and inviting, there were residents with some limitations that even danced with canes for safety in order to take their special partner for a spin. It was a lovely site to witness in the gaiety of the evening.

We are probably amongst few retirement communities that have three music venues for our personal preference of musical entertainment. Is it any wonder why there are so many smiling faces and happy residents at PVE? It was a lovely evening from start to finish, much appreciated, with residents looking forward to a very merry holiday.


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