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March 27, 2018 By Jeanne Michael

Champion Carrie Reese

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, Carrie Reese collected a couple of more trophies and some new medals to go with her growing collection. She swept them all up at the West Coast Weightlifting Competition in Rancho Cordova.

Here’s what Carrie walked away with:

  1. Best West Coast Woman, age 61 and over — 210 lbs.
  2. Best West Coast Woman in Bench Press, age 61 and over — 95 lbs.
  3. First Place in Push and Pull (a combination of above two) — 305 lbs.
  4. First Place in Bench, age 80–84 —Lift was 93 lbs.
  5. First Place in Dead Lift, age 80–84 — Lift was 210 lbs.

Carrie had a great week as she went off her diet and gained four pounds! Right after that she was back on track and on a new diet as she prepared for the November competition. This time she would get to enjoy salmon — a wonderful change from chicken — but she’d still have to skip the bread. To help, our lunch bread lady, Leona, promised Carrie she wouldn’t offer it to her!


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