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August 5, 2021 By Bruce Bartels

Who Is The Paper Placer?

One Thursday, I received a note attached to my morning newspapers:

“I have a very early doctor appointment tomorrow. I will probably not be able to place your paper on the porch. Hope you have a great day. The Paper Placer.”

We have been taking morning newspapers every morning for many years at Paradise Valley Estates. The papers normally arrive in our driveway around 6:30 a.m. One of my morning tasks is to go out behind our car (no, the car cannot fit in our crowded garage) and pick up the papers and bring them inside. During the summer when the sun is up, and the air is warm this is a rather pleasant task. I often get a chance to say hello to other residents who are out walking their dogs or just out for an early morning stroll. During the winter months it’s not quite as enjoyable, especially when the cold rain is falling.

Shortly after the pandemic came along, I noticed some changes. If you remember, the morning papers were delivered in bulk by the newspaper delivery person and distributed to the various campus addresses by our own residents — a merry band of folks who went out of their way to help the rest of us.

When they started their deliveries, the papers were placed near a large flowerpot near our front porch. I must admit it was very nice. No longer a walk out behind the car, but a few short steps under the cover of my front porch roof — thus no rain to contend with either. But when things changed and the regular delivery person returned to their normal deliver route, I knew I was in for a wake-up call. I’d be back to trudging out behind the car once again to retrieve the papers.

But alas, that did not happen. In fact, the papers moved even closer to the front door. Naturally, I didn’t complain. I didn’t ask any questions either. I figured if I got too interested in why this was continuing to happen, it might stop. So that brings me to the note I mentioned earlier. Apparently, the person (or persons) who move the papers from my driveway to my front porch has a name — he or she is “The Paper Placer.”

I’m going to start a very low-key search to discover who has been doing this over the past year. I don’t want to make a big deal of it because it might stop. And I have to say I love that they do it. I want to find out who so I can thank them personally and offer a small token of thanks. So, if you are The Paper Placer, give me a call. I have some specific questions I’ll ask the callers to ferret out imposters. When the real “Placer” calls, I’ll identify the token of thanks and pass it on with pleasure and thanks.


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