Life Here

May 4, 2017 By PVE Residents

What’s a Life Plan Community?

A continuing care retirement community is a neighborhood designed for retirees and seniors. Often called CCRCs, these communities provide a continuum of care with accommodations for independent living, assisted living or nursing home care. For decades, CCRC was the accepted term used to describe communities like Paradise Valley Estates. It’s also a term that communities like ours have far outgrown.

Today’s senior living communities are more than care providers; they’re vibrant villages. These modern neighborhoods provide a range of residential options, along with creative, educational and social opportunities that make life more personally fulfilling.

You, as well as others who are just stepping into the retirement realm, want to enjoy life and maintain excellent health while enjoying an active life full of activities you choose. Care matters and it’s there if you need it. But in communities like ours, the focus is on living a life that’s rich with possibilities and options.

More and more the term Life Plan Community is replacing CCRC. The new category is more expansive and aspirational — something the CCRC term could never be.

A Life Plan Community is a place where you can live with the security of a safety net provided by onsite care and also shed the stress and responsibility of day-to-day homeownership. It’s a place that helps residents to live life to the fullest.

We hope living in a Life Plan Community has affected your life in beneficial ways. You’re more than just part of a special community here; you’re part of the very fabric.


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