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March 9, 2021 By Jane Walker

Welcoming New Residents and The Ridge to Paradise Valley Estates

In 2014, we began working on the Paradise Valley Estates master plan. Seven years later, our Life Plan Community is in full start-up mode on the plan’s centerpiece — The Ridge. In just a few months, residents will start moving into new homes in our new 70-residence neighborhood. The neighborhood’s dining venues, classrooms, resale shop, art studio and garden will bustle with activity.

While the Sales and Marketing team is well acquainted with our newest residents, a full slate of activities is being developed to welcome them. Here are a few of the activities for which plans are underway and the groups that are making them possible:

Resident Marketing and Welcome Home Committees

  • Developing new group orientation and welcome event
  • Resident Mentors, a volunteer-led, one-on-one welcome program
  • Introducing new residents to the PVE Pulse, our resident portal
  • Identifying new community members with recognizable nametag stickers

Ridge Project Team

  • Overseeing final stages of community construction and occupancy
  • Construction managers, general contractors and the marketing team meeting weekly to ensure all residences meet residents’ expectations
  • Attending to details, and checking and re-checking to meet our goal of 100% satisfaction

Paradise Valley Estates Administrative Team

  • Weekly inter-departmental meetings began in February to plan for operational changes and seamless service delivery
  • Teams including dining, finance, security, logistics, wellness, housekeeping and maintenance are working collaboratively to refine and coordinate plans

March also begins the first programs of our Countdown to Move-In Series. Our future residents of The Ridge — also known as the Summit Club — will have a series of programs designed to help them plan their move, feel connected to PVE, and acquaint them with life on-campus before their move.

Program topics include:

  • Home selling tips
  • Downsizing and moving
  • Wellness and Dining Services
  • Landscape design of The Ridge
  • Welcoming efforts including Move-in Mentors and Welcome Home
  • Intro to PVE Pulse, our online resident portal

It’s going to be a busy, exciting few months. Our community is already such a wonderful, welcoming place that’s only going to get stronger as we grow. The joyful work we are doing now from residents to administration will both engage current residents and acclimate those newly joining as move-ins begin this summer.

One campus, one community. We can’t wait!


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