Greater Good

January 27, 2022 By Jane Walker

Volunteerism shines at Paradise Valley Estates

Paradise Valley Estates has been my professional home for almost ten years, and I’m sad to say I’ll soon be leaving. While I’ve worked a lifetime for this long-planned retirement, as the date on the calendar draws near, my reflection and appreciation for ten years of treasured friends, community residents and co-workers grows.

I cannot think about this community without marveling at all it’s meant to me. For me.

Like any neighborhood, there are engaged residents who actively contribute to the wellbeing of the community. They’re essential to the fabric of a place like Paradise Valley Estates. And the more I thought about them and the people who have graced my life because of this amazing place, the more I wanted to show my appreciation in a meaningful way.

Thanks to my role I’ve seen the challenges of navigating a global pandemic up close and personal, and I know one of the areas hardest hit here has been “The Store.”

The Store is an effort that’s managed by a dynamic, hard-working and fun group of community volunteers. The Store is a physical place — a resale shop — that also includes periodic estate sales. The items sold by The Store are donated with the proceeds directed the community’s Resident Council, an elected body that represents Paradise Valley Estates residents. The Resident Council serves an advisory group to the Life Plan Community’s management team and spearheads many initiatives developed for and by residents.

One of the ways I’ve coped with the past couple of years is to focus on a hobby I hadn’t for 40 years — crocheting. Knowing this community as well as I do, I knew there were other crocheters like me trying to weave our worries into something useful. And that gave me an idea. What if we worked together to create a blanket that could be raffled or auctioned as a fundraiser for The Store?

We started with a few organizational meetings, exchanged ideas and were off and running. We did a group field trip to the craft store to pick out colors and yarn for the blanket. A few short weeks later we are already mid-project and progressing quickly toward completion of our gift for the team at The Store.

As people have heard about our project and what it will benefit, interest has grown. Who will be able to wrap themselves in this initiative powered by love? Maybe it’ll be you — stay tuned!


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