January 3, 2017 By Bruce Bartels

Time for Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year and that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

Why is it that we try these things that most of us don’t complete? My answer is simple— we are lazy, shiftless, good-for-nothings and cannot complete even the simplest resolution.

Or, maybe there’s more to it than that. Most people who make resolutions each year fail to complete the task, whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, improve their finances, learn to play the piano or take a trip to Antarctica. But why? First of all, we fail to realistic goals. We try to do too much, too soon. Take it easy. Pick one, or at most two things you want to accomplish. “OK,” you say, “I have my goals set for 2017. I understand them and there is a way to measure how I’m doing.”


Next, you need to believe that you can complete your new goals. Many of us are finished before we start because we don’t believe we can do it. A change in the your daily routine will probably be required to complete your resolution. Doing things the same way will result in the same outcomes. You need to change something to get a different outcome—and change is hard. If you fail, you need to get back on track quickly and keep going. You should set some milestones along the path to success. When you reach a milestone, have a celebration. Celebrate your success and keep on going.

Now I’m going to make it easy on you. I’m going to suggest a list of resolutions so you can choose one or two.

1. Call an old friend or colleague.

2. Go visit one of your neighbors.

3. Take your spouse or a good friend to lunch to celebrate the new year.

4. Start a monthly donation to a favorite charity.

5. Join a volunteer group.

6. Think of one more yourself.

There, wasn’t that easy? You have made a resolution or two that you can keep. You are now one of the 8% nationally who will complete their resolutions. And you are not a lazy, shiftless good-for-nothing.

Happy New Year!


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