Life Here

April 10, 2018 By Bruce Bartels

Time Capsule Planted

A small group of residents and team members were on hand for the burying of our 2017 20th anniversary time capsule. CEO Kevin Burke told the group what items were included in the sealed time capsule. Among the 49 items in the time capsule were:


    • a 20th anniversary celebration program
    • a Veterans Day 2017 program
    • an employee badge
    • a shovel paperweight from 10th anniversary
    • a 20th anniversary edition of Elysian Fields
    • the Founding Member nametag of Buzz O’Toole
    • a PVE 20th anniversary commemorative golf ball
    • a Termites handmade door stop, and two pennies, one dated 2017 the other dated 1997


As the time capsule was placed into the ground, it was wrapped securely in plastic to keep it safe for the next 20 years. It will be opened on the 40th anniversary of PVE in November 2037. Kevin asked those in the crowd, “How many of you will be here when we open the time capsule in 2037?” Surprisingly, there were many in the crowd who said they planned to be there.

The location of the time capsule is marked with a small plaque, which reads, “Together let us continue the journey.” Will you be there? I plan to be there. I’ll only be 101 years old. See you there!


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