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July 29, 2021 By Marie Smith

The Tale of the Overnight Stay

In considering a move to a community like Paradise Valley Estates, visitors often have specific preferences for a new home. That was the case for now-residents Marie and Dick Smith, who believed they wanted a medium-sized apartment until they spent time on campus during an overnight visit. It turns out their perfect apartment wasn’t what they expected. They shared how their overnight stay helped them both experience the community and find their perfect “tree house.”

We were interested in moving into a medium size apartment at Paradise Valley Estates. No way did we want a great big one!

It had to have a nice view with morning sun so our outdoor succulent plants could flourish on the balcony. With a compass in my right hand, we systematically checked out several available apartments. Try as we did, we couldn’t find one that met both criteria. Discouraged and tired, we returned to our guest room on campus.

That evening, Linda Johnson, our sales coordinator, scheduled us for dinner with Marilyn and Bob Isherwood. They had lived at Paradise Valley Estates for a few years and were from Marin, where we were living. During a delightful dinner filled with details about life on campus, they suggested we check out a third-floor apartment that was available in the 3000 building. We didn’t ask about the size; we just said we would take a look at it.

After breakfast in the Cafe the following morning, Linda showed us a spacious apartment facing the correct direction with a lovely view. The layout met all our needs. Our decision was instant. This was it!

It suddenly didn’t matter that it was one of the largest apartments on campus, we decided not to look any further. Our decision was made. From then on, we referred to our new home as our “Tree House.”

Our apartment meets all our needs and wants. Activities and involvement abound on campus and our fellow residents are friendly with fascinating backgrounds.

It’s been seven years since we moved to Paradise Valley Estates. We still feel we made a wonderful lifetime choice!


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