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November 9, 2021 By Jane Walker

The Ridge at Paradise Valley Estates Comes to Life

One early October evening at the end of a very busy day, I pushed pause and took a seat on the new Learning Center deck at The Ridge in Paradise Valley Estates. As I looked from the picturesque creek walk near my feet up to the beautiful villa buildings, I marveled. How wonderful it must be to call The Ridge, home.

After winding through the thriving, master-planned campus on Paradise Valley Drive, you rise to the northern edge, an area bordered by the expansive open hills of the Vacaville Open Space Preserve. Many villas enjoy prime overlooks of a hardscaped creek walk that winds through the heart of the neighborhood. The walk, which is laced with foot bridges, walking paths and benches, welcomes you to enjoy the Northern California outdoors.

As I gazed upward at the villa balconies, now dotted with patio furniture, sculptures and personal touches, it was easy to imagine residents enjoying life here. They are meeting on sidewalks, savoring morning coffee or evening cocktails with new friends, enjoying the quiet hillside from their cottage patio.

As I took it all in, I was awestruck. Not only is The Ridge a lovely place; it’s part of a much larger story — a community that’s designed to make every day more enjoyable.

Since that October day, move-ins at The Ridge have continued at a steady clip. Nearly 40 new residents have joined our community. New spaces, including the Creekside Café, Oak Room, Art Studio and Learning Center, are open and serving all residents of Paradise Valley Estates. New electric trolleys travel all over our expanded campus, transporting residents across our 76 acres for gourmet meals, special-interest classes or visits with friends.

I’ve been part of our community’s expansion from the beginning, pouring over schematics, unit floor plans and site plans for hours, weeks and months. Throughout the years of planning and construction, our primary goal was always clear — to create a neighborhood that was consistent with, but also enhanced Paradise Valley Estates. To create a larger, but seamless community so more people could revel in this remarkable way of life.

Thanks to our dedicated residents and team members, it’s easy to see we’re well on our way to achieving that goal. All you have to do is take a few minutes to look around.


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