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June 9, 2016 By Jane Walker

The Single Best Thing To Do When Investigating Senior Living Communities

How would you go about selecting the best possible senior living community for you?

These items are probably high on your “to do” list:

  • Prepare extensive spreadsheets, comparing all kinds of data from meals served to square footage of residences from communities under consideration.
  • Perform internet research of websites.
  • Check for accreditation by nationally recognized organizations
  • Look at Yelp reviews.
  • Evaluate pricing and financial options.
  • Review amenities, services and location.

While these specifics are of great importance, personal visits to any community in serious consideration are a must.

There is nothing like a firsthand experience to give you answers to qualitative questions a spreadsheet just can’t cover.

Questions like:

  • How does the place feel?
  • Would I be comfortable there?
  • Are the staff and residents welcoming of newcomers?

The Shelleys spent two nights at PVE before coming to a final decision.

Many people make multiple visits to multiple communities. At Paradise Valley Estates, we offer a unique opportunity. With some advance notice, we offer a complimentary overnight stay in one of our hotel-style guest rooms.

Resident Dottie Shelley and her husband Dick spent two nights visiting PVE. This was their second visit, the first was with their friends who lived here. Their friends were completely sold and enthusiastic. It piqued their interest. Dottie says, “We wanted to really investigate on our own. Things like climate, housing, financial stability, amenities and affordability were all important.” The Shelley’s were comparing PVE and another option.

“It’s such an involved decision, we felt that it required a minimum of two days. There is so much to learn and understand” she said. They spent time with Patti, their Sales Coordinator and got all the needed information. They spent time in the club and enjoyed meeting the resident ambassadors at dinner each evening.

On the second night they were in the Club, with all its military memorabilia and lively atmosphere. Now feeling comfortable with the specifics, she commented that it was really the warmth of the resident ambassadors that clinched it. She said her husband Dick looked at her and said, “This is it! I feel at home here.”


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