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January 18, 2022 By Ken Lyon

Signals We Send

Our founding residents did a number of impressive things as they built our community. Two of my favorite ideas that they came up with to further encourage friendship among each other are the nametags each were encouraged to wear and the short autobiographies we’re asked to write about ourselves to help us identify and meet new residents and, frankly, to refresh our memories when necessary.

Regardless of where we stand with respect to our longevity as a Paradise Valley Estates resident, we should continue to take advantage of these two methods of reaching out to each other. Wearing (or not wearing) a name tag signals others that you’d enjoy getting to know them and, as time passes, helps so many of us with names.

The short autobiographies in the Valiant directory and now on the PVE Pulse website also give you the chance to reach out to others. They serve as great introductions to our neighbors and, again, help us refresh our memories when necessary. For example, when a friend is hosting a before-dinner party, before it starts is an excellent time to learn more about each participant prior to the event. Then, with some background on the other attendees, you’ll be more ready to enter into the conversation.

Have you lived in the same towns, bases, or attended the same college? Nametags are now provided to new residents, or you can design your own. There are many design options to choose from online with various designs, fonts and color options. If you’re not into writing about yourself, check out some current entries in the PVE Valiant directory or on the PVE Pulse or take advantage of resident Ken Mackie’s offer to assist anyone who’d like some help preparing their entry.

Send a signal to each other that you’re open to meeting with others and sharing a little of your past.


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