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July 26, 2016 By Jane Walker

Ready for Your Close-Up

If you’ve looked at Paradise Valley Estates’ website, brochures, social media posts and print advertisements, you might have noticed that there is something a little different about the photography. It’s a little more authentic than what you’ll find on most senior-focused websites. It feels a little more real. That’s because our models are real Paradise Valley residents.

We think we have a pretty darn good looking group around here. Most senior living communities use stock images, which they purchase. These are perfectly ok, but they end up looking a little generic. Nice stock images of older adults end up being used in marketing for all kinds of businesses, too. Ours are unique!

We recently took on a very ambitious photo shoot. The goal was to capture a day in the life of PVE on campus, as well as in the greater Fairfield community.

All the shots were either outside or offsite. The offsite locations included Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek and Mt. Diablo State Park.

This kind of shoot is a challenge for models, the art director and the photographer. Plus, there are uncontrollable factors like weather! Everyone involved was a trooper, and I think even had some fun.

Be watching in the next few months for these real world shots.


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