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July 11, 2019 By Bruce Bartels

Quilts of Gratitude

On Sunday, March 17, the North Wind Quilters Guild held their annual Quilt Show at the Fairfield Adult Recreation Center. This year’s event was titled, “Quilts in the Garden” and featured more than 200 quilts. A special part of the show was their presentation of “Quilts of Gratitude” to active-duty service members and veterans from the local area. Quilts of Gratitude is a part of their nonprofit organization dedicated to providing healing and loving quilts to those who have served in harm’s way protecting our freedoms.

Five veterans from PVE were among the 18 people who were honored. Julie Thomas, who was featured in a recent article in the Daily Republic, was one of the honorees. The other recipients included Dick Spies, Diann O’Connor, Jean Gonzalez and Bruce Bartels. Paradise Valley Estates resident Susan Hogan invited our veterans to be part of the Quilts of Gratitude ceremony. Susan is a member of the North Wind Quilters Guild.

Each recipient felt honored to have been chosen to receive a quilt. They said, “It is an honor to have served our nation and this “thank you for your service” from the quilters shows how much they appreciated our sacrifice and service.”


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