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September 15, 2020 By Julie Turner

Q&A with PVE Board Chair Sean Quinn

Northern California’s Paradise Valley Estates is a 76-acre master planned community founded by retired military officers in 1997. The Life Plan Community, which now welcomes both military and nonmilitary residents, is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors. Since the community’s founding, members have been nominated to serve based on their areas of expertise and, once elected, may serve multiple three-year terms. In addition, an elected community resident also serves on the board.

This year, the community’s board reached a new milestone by electing the board’s first civilian chair, Sean Quinn. A board member since 2016, Quinn has been involved with the board professionally since it was founded during his 25-year tenure as the City of Fairfield’s Director of Community Development and City Manager. He’s previously worked at Chico State University, and in statewide economic development consulting, small business financing and commercial and affordable housing development. He recently shared his perspective on the community as he officially began his new leadership role.

What about Paradise Valley Estates (PVE) first captured your interest in being involved with the board?

“I have been involved with PVE since its inception. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to come on campus and was always impressed by the beautiful setting and how PVE was maintained. However, I was more impressed with the residents I met over the years. When retired USAF Col. Bud Ross approached me about being the first civilian on the Board, I was honored to accept.”

As a child of a military family, what did you learn that will help you in your new role?

“My father served in the Navy and retired from the Air Force. I grew up on military bases and loved the culture. I learned that those in the military look out for others, make great sacrifices and have a lot to offer. I also learned the value of public service and giving back.”

Looking back at your years on the board, what do you think has changed the most about operating a Life Plan Community?

“The most significant change is the current pandemic and I am proud of how the residents and team members have stepped up. State and federal rules and regulations have also changed how we operate. At PVE, the development of The Ridge is a significant change. However, the basics of operating a Life Plan Community, by providing a high quality of life and care has not changed.”

What makes PVE such a special place now and will continue to in the years ahead?

“PVE is special because of the residents and team members. The campus and its surrounding setting are wonderful. However, it is the people who make PVE such a special place, and that will be the case in the years ahead.”


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