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June 5, 2018 By Jan Heise

PVE Worship Service

Editor’s Note: We want to express our appreciation to Howard Herron for his excellent history on the early years of the PVE Worship Service.

The history of the Worship Service at PVE is a study in patience and persistence, as embodied by its founder Lucille Thyrring. When PVE opened in 1997, the original director was not supportive of a formal worship service on campus. A room — now the Store — was allocated for use as a small chapel, but no larger room was made available for Sundays.

After months of patient persuasion and refusing to give up, Lucille went to the Wing Chaplain at Travis AFB and won his support. The Travis Chaplaincy not only gained permission to hold the services but also provided preaching support during the initial years at PVE. Lucille created a unique nondenominational order of worship that made the service specific to PVE and recruited a group of resident volunteers to perform each part. A choir was added with the help of Carol Block and then Pat Glover.

Over time, Lucille recruited what was referred to as the “Original 17” — a group of guest ministers from different denominations, who preached on a rotation basis. Several are still in service with us today. A special tradition for our guests has been the Brunch with the Minister meal held after the service.

The worship service has continued over the years thanks to the many resident volunteers who have built upon Lucille’s dedication and have come to call this community their worshipping home. In 2013, as Lucille’s health began to fail,

Howard Herron assumed leadership of the Worship Committee and, in 2017, Mary Tantillo stepped forward.

A recent addition to the program has been a First Sunday Coffee Hour before the 10 a.m. service, which builds on our sense of community and welcomes newcomers and visitors. After all these years, the original vitality and volunteer ownership of this fellowship has stayed strong and vibrant. Lucille’s vision remains strong.

If you’ve been searching for a church home, remember you might be able to find one right here at PVE!


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