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July 6, 2017 By Jerry Mulenburg

Pedaling to Work

When PVE Assisted Living Manager Kelly Yee decided to bike the five miles each way from her home to work every day instead of driving, she knew the Hilborn hill would be a challenge. Her solution was an electric pedal-assist bike with a 40-mile battery life. With a solution in place, Kelly sold their second car and hit the road.

Since April 2016, she’s ridden her new ride more than 1,500 miles including trips to Costco in Vacaville and other places to fill her large dual panniers with purchases.

Not only does the bike save on gas and other expenses, PVE and other local agencies also provide stipends for those who bike to work — a nice bonus along with the health benefits of the exercise and joy of being outdoors in the fresh air. With riding during winter storms yet to be tested, her husband is on standby should she ever need a ride.

Kelly, who has worked at PVE as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) for 11 years, previously served a four-year tour as a Navy Corpsman in Sasebo, Japan, and was a full-time mom until her children were grown. Kelly has helped many PVE residents with planning and making the transition from independent to assisted living, a valuable and welcome service to ensure their safety and security at that important point in their lives.


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