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February 12, 2019 By Carol Moore

Pawdon Our Enthusiasm

The “pup-ularity” of canine pets at PVE was showcased in the Pooch Parade on a cool Saturday morning. Thirty-five owners and at least that many dogs, many in costume, gathered at Flag Court to start the procession that wound its way to the Pavilion with detours to the entrances of Laurel Creek and Quail Creek where more spectators awaited. Bill McNamara, who was officially attired as a dog catcher and carried a culprit whose offense was listed as “Bruiser,” got the largest breeds started by barking off the marching orders, which lasted about two blocks.

With tails wagging, the smaller breeds were soon breaking ranks to find four-legged friends, play in the leaves or see which bystanders on the sidewalks might have treats. “I’ve already handed out 6,000 biscuits,” said Tom Terry as he bent to satisfy his next customer, Pat Teranishi’s toy poodle, Apple. “It all looked so organized on paper,” said Cheryl San Miguel, parade chairman, as she smiled and enjoyed the overall happiness that dogs provide.

Adding to the merriment were the stuffed animal dogs riding on some residents’ walkers, as well as t-shirts with such slogans as “Sit, Stay, Drink” and “Smooch Your Pooch.” Dick and Kay Youngflesh were costumed as a hot dog and mustard bottle.

Dressed head to toe as a colorful parrot mascot, Dick San Miguel called himself “Bird Dog” and Susan Hogan came as PVE’s traditional pink flamingo.

Jim and Ann Bonar, who decorated their golf cart with paw-printed paper and a poop-bag ruffle, transported a balloon artist whose creations delighted employees’ children who were invited to the event. Deirdre Terleski handled publicity and made the kerchiefs worn by four-legged participants in the parade.

Order was somewhat restored in the confines of the Community Center parking lot where the group gathered for more applause and adoration. One well-trained dog was spotted carrying his leash in his mouth, heading home and looking back to be sure his owner was coming — like a spouse who wants to leave the party first.

The fun concluded with a picnic with tables set by Ella Spinelli with placemats that Quail Creek ladies had stickered and stamped with dog motifs. A foam board sculpture of dogs and a fire hydrant was crafted by Sam McKeever of Security. The meal featuring “wiener dogs” and “paw-tato” salad ended with 100 “pupcakes” baked and decorated by Cheryl San Miguel.


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