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December 29, 2020 By Don Campbell

Paradise Valley Estates Time Capsule

As the year 2020 began, all our lives were changed. The coronavirus pandemic caused changes that none of us could ever have imagined possible. Hospitals quickly became overburdened with critically ill patients. The impact on life across America has been nearly indescribable.

American life was suddenly very different. Social distancing, face coverings and major changes in available services were soon mandated by state and local governments. Roads were empty. Stores, restaurants, theaters, hair and nail salons, and many more businesses were closed. Curbside pickup became the new normal. Grocery shelves were barren.

COVID-19 necessitated many changes at Paradise Valley Estates. The gates were closed prohibiting us from leaving except for urgent medical needs. No visitors or vendors could enter. The dining room, café and club were closed so meals had to be delivered. Our groceries were purchased for us and delivered as well. The pool, spa, salon and Powerhouse Gym were shuttered. All group activities and meetings were halted. Lectures were cancelled. Our packages were brought to our front door and our prescription medications were picked up and delivered. They even got gas for our cars and washed them when they were dirty.

The Memorial Day program and Sunday worship services were conducted via live stream. PVE team members got creative with ice cream delivery, singing telegrams, workout videos and classic car parades.

Of course, the pandemic was not the only thing that happened this year. We were entertained by a herd of goats who came in to trim our weeds. A new cover was placed over the café patio. The Community Center refresh began. Zoom meetings became the “go to” thing to keep our Resident Council, committees, and activities active and connected. Many of our doctors turned to Zoom for routine appointments.

We are living in unusual times and PVE had to make substantial changes to support us with these new parameters. We thought some record of it should be captured for posterity. So, as part of the dedication ceremony for The Ridge, we’re going to bury a time capsule focused on the climate of our lives at PVE during the years 2020 and 2021.

Over the next several months, the time capsule team will collect materials to be evaluated, sorted, printed and ultimately placed inside the container. Community residents are invited to submit pictures, news articles, letters, menus and small objects that reflect our lives at PVE.

Together, we’ll share the remarkable story of now with those years into the future.


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