Greater Good

July 23, 2020 By Norm Heise

Papers Are Delivered By Angels

During these troubled times, who would have guessed that one resident couple here at Paradise Valley Estates would go so far to help others not lose a much-desired and important part of their daily lives — delivery of their favorite morning newspaper to their front door at 6:30 am. But that is exactly what has happened. When Sally and Floyd Gripman found out that newspapers could not be delivered to apartment residents, they said, “No way can this be allowed to occur” and offered to do the deliveries themselves. Happily, the PVE management team accepted their offer.

This turned out to be no easy task. Given the number of people and subscriptions involved (more than one hundred involving six papers), Floyd and Sally sought the help of others. Some equally concerned residents quickly stepped forward to help, including Henry Kim, Jim Liles, Carrie Reese, Jerry Martin and Ken Mackie.

Newspapers needed to be moved from the front gate to apartment front doors so that residents could continue to sit in their favorite chairs reviewing political subjects put forth by their favorite columnist, checking the latest crimes and obituaries, and, most of all, finding out just how well their favorite cartoon characters were doing at the moment.

How do they do it? Sally and Floyd pick up the papers every day at the front gate and take them to the Activities Room in the Community Center. The papers are sorted into piles according to building and apartment number. They are then transported to our “paper boys” and “paper girls” who wait in the lobbies of the three apartment buildings to make the final deliveries. Of course, some are taken to the PVE Library. At times it can get troublesome. “Why didn’t I get my paper today?” always has to be answered. These activities take up a good hour or more of Floyd and Sally’s time.

During our spring shelter in place, these residents pitched in to make our lives more normal. They, and many others here at PVE, showed us that, together, we can make a difference.

Visit the Greater Good to learn how our Life Plan Community residents and team members are working hard to keep our community well and safe.

Jim Liles and Henry Kim preparing papers for delivery. (This photo was taken prior to mask requirements being put in place at Paradise Valley Estates.)

Sally Gripman sorting papers for delivery to apartment buildings. (This photo was taken prior to mask requirements being put in place at Paradise Valley Estates.)


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