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June 1, 2017 By Jane Walker

Over Paradise

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a UFO? No, it’s a drone camera! Paradise Valley Estates (PVE) recently did a week long video shoot to incorporate video into The footage focused on the beautiful setting of our community, as well as our neighbor, Paradise Valley Golf Course.

The battery-operated drone, guided by Max of Maximize Video Productions, is about 16 inches in diameter, square-ish in shape, with four separate propellers. It is guided with a joystick and tablet computers. The shoot began at the nearby golf course and then moved on to the PVE campus.

The shoot focused on various houses and neighborhoods, the creek and natural area that run through the campus, outdoor community areas, resident activities and the beautiful setting, nestled in the Northern California hills.

The drone attracted a lot of attention from ALL residents at PVE, both two-legged and four-legged. As the drone swooped, climbed and descended — sounding like a big angry bee — a few of the canine residents took particular exception. There were barks and growls from dogs out with their interested humans for a walk.

Many residents had never seen a drone in action before and were very curious to watch the drone and its skilled operator. The range is pretty impressive. At times the drone was completely out of sight, being monitored only electronically.

The weather couldn’t have been more accommodating. There were sun-filled days and the surrounding hills of the Vacaville Open Space Preserve were still emerald green from the abundant winter and spring rains. Water flowed in Laurel Creek, meandering through the PVE campus and home to a variety of wildlife. Max even got footage of some elusive California quail.

The culmination of the filming was Friday morning around the DeLong Pavilion. Bocce and Horseshoe games were in full swing, along with golfers perfecting their short game on the putting course. The competitors enjoy an audience, so others came for continental breakfast and to cheer on their friends. The drone did a great job of capturing the scene and all the activity from above.

The footage will be used, along with still photography, to produce three videos on residences, amenities and the overall lifestyle at the community. This will only be one part of the new look of the community’s new website. Be watching for more information when the site is ready to launch!


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