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September 17, 2019 By Julie Turner

New on the Ridge: Lyn Sorrelle

As part of an Air Force family, Lyn Sorrelle’s childhood took her to far-flung locales such as Japan, Germany and Denmark before her family once again settled in the Midwest. She graduated from an East Coast college and headed west to Southern California where she practiced law for more than 25 years. Upon retiring, she enjoyed a second, 15-year career as a part-time copy editor before finally leaving the workforce for good.

As Lyn looks forward to joining Paradise Valley Estates’ newest neighborhood, The Ridge, she shared details about her decision to join the Life Plan Community and what she’s most looking forward to about living in Northern California.

How did you find out about The Ridge?

“My parents had been living at Paradise Valley Estates for almost 20 years, so I knew about The Ridge and my mother was eager for me to move there,” she says. Another plus? “Everyone else in our family is in Northern California and I also have an uncle and aunt living at Paradise Valley Estates. I’m the only outlier!”

Did you consider anywhere else?

“I did consider other places in the area, but I know so much about Paradise Valley Estates since my parents — only Mom now since Dad died in 2017 — have been there so long,” she says. “I’m really confident about this choice.”

In addition to being close to family, what was so appealing about The Ridge?

“Having a sense of security was important. Since I’m alone, and I’m not working, there’s nobody who expects me to show up every day,” she says. “My pool of friends is diminishing as people move closer to family and older friends pass away. There’s a real comfort in moving someplace where there will be more people my age and in a similar place in life.”

Were you always interested in a Life Plan Community?

“Before my experience with my parents, I didn’t know Life Plan Communities existed,” she says. “From the time I found out about them, it was definitely my plan. Before that, I figured you stayed at home as long as you could and then you went into a nursing home. It’s amazing how many people my age are still unaware of this type of option.”

What are you most looking forward to about the move?

“I certainly expect I will be cooking less,” she laughs. “I have always found Northern California appealing; so when I first move up there, I expect I will probably spend time in San Francisco and in Marin, where my brother is. I’m really looking forward to meeting more people,” she adds.


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