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August 12, 2021 By Julie Turner

New on The Ridge: Christine Lasus

After spending most of her life in both New York City and the San Francisco Bay community of Mill Valley, Christine Lasus spent her retirement traveling the world with her husband. They enjoyed trips to China, Russia, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia and all over Europe. After losing him to cancer in 2020, she was glad they experienced the retirement they’d always wanted, together.

While she craved a new adventure, she knew she wanted to be near her children and their families. That’s when she remembered The Ridge at Paradise Valley Estates. Christine recently discussed her decision to move to The Ridge and her impressions of the Paradise Valley Estates community since her early move-in last month.

What motivated you to choose Paradise Valley Estates?

“I picked Paradise Valley for the simple reason that it’s a continuing care community,” she says. “I do not want my children to have to take care of me in my old age. I want them to have their life. I’m included in that with them, but I wanted the best parts of it, not the toughest. I wanted the parts where we can be together and laugh and have fun like we always have, not where they have to care for me and take care of me.”

How did you select your residence style?

“I did not know what I was looking for and looked at everything — homes, apartments and floor plans for The Ridge,” she laughs. “I chose the Russell design because, as you walk in the front door, on one side is the master suite and on the other is the visitor suite. It also has a big open floor plan and large deck. It’s actually the outside deck that was most attractive to me. It’s like having another room!”

You’re temporarily living on campus as you await completion of The Ridge. How has that been?

“I am in awe of how kind the staff is and how helpful and pleasant my neighbors and the people I meet are,” she says. “Before I came, I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I was in the hospital in Marin, then I came to PVE and spent time in Laurel Creek and in my apartment with my son as I recovered. It worked beautifully to have that care. I must say, if I wasn’t so excited about The Ridge, I’d just stay here. It’s so comfortable, and it suits me!”

How did the move go?

“The design center was helpful, and Victoria’s virtual floor plan worked in the pieces I most wanted to bring. I have a particular lamp over the table that my dad had given me 50 years ago, so we worked that into my plan,” she says. “I used the company Gentle Transitions to help me move, too. I’m happy with my choice. I’m very happy with it.”

What’s it been like now that you’re living on campus?

“I’m lucky now that I’ve lived in the apartment. I’ve met a lot of people and I’m getting to know my way around pretty well,” she says. “I can envision spending my life here. My problem right now is I’ve met so many people, I can’t remember everyone’s name!”

What’s your sense of your fellow community members?

“I think the people who live here are happy. I get the impression that the people are here because they want to be here and that they’re happy here. And when people are happy, they’re much more pleasant, and that’s what I sense here, is that pleasantness and that welcoming environment,” she says.


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