December 2, 2019 By Dianne Townley

My Computer

I have been using a PC computer for several years to type my Bible Study teaching notes each week. All of a sudden, my mild-mannered computer is rebelling against my commands. Doesn’t it realize that human beings created it? It seems to know that it is smarter than me.

Why does it use my margin settings for ten sentences and then decide it prefers a different setting? This causes me to recheck all my settings and then try to delete parts of the passage and retype it where I want it to be for printing. After all that work, I hit the enter key and the computer records its own idea of where the information is placed. “Okay,” I say out loud. It is all right if some parts of my paper are in the wrong place. This is not some official document. I will just save my work and continue.

“SAVE!” Why does my computer say that it cannot save my work because someone else is using my file? I am alone. Bob is at work on his own computer. Who can be using my file?

To keep peace with my computer, I create a new file name that the computer would approve and save. Now my work of months is divided up into little batches. Someday soon I will have to figure out how to connect the whole document. At least this week’s study can now be printed.

I remember a few months ago, when, after typing several pages and saving them, everything disappeared. The computer has hidden it from me ever since. Well, I do get practice retyping.

My computer savvy daughter arrives from Maryland on Wednesday and I am compiling my list of computer problems.

Today I attended the iPad class to learn how to use my Christmas iPad and “The Pulse.” I hope I can teach the iPad that I am in control and that I can learn to allow Siri to help me.


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