Life Here

March 12, 2019 By Karel Hedrick

Musings While Looking Out My Window

As I look out my window I see the “fuzzies” coming out on my newly developed flowerbed. I can’t bend down so well anymore, but the little plants have grown and developed exactly as they were described in the catalog. The grasses first grow tall, waving in the breeze, and then began to open their tufts of green for accent.

Out on the street, people are strolling with their cute little dogs on leash. Some behave better than others, but the dogs seem to like each other. Their owners have bags in hand to remind them to pick up whatever the dog leaves behind. Some stop for chats together. I wonder what they are talking about and feel a little left out. We had two dogs and we miss them every day, but the wonderful dog park bored them. They preferred to hurry along to the security gate for a treat. “Only one, please.” What a great concept to help retrieve lost dogs!

Some folks are walking to the mail kiosk to collect their mail. Most of it will be junk, but there is always a chance it could be something special. In this modern age, most bills are either paid automatically by the bank, or digitized to arrive on your computer. It’s a rare day when there is anything personal!

We are out of date enough to expect phone calls on our landline. The kids and grandkids use texting on their cell phones for their communications. We believe they haven’t responded since we haven’t gotten a call. They protest, “Of course they have,” by way of a text message!

With PVE’s services mowing and blowing, cleaning the house, and even making our bed with special arrangements, we have greatly lightened our workload. Then, why are we so busy? Do we move more slowly, spend more time tending to our health issues, or allowing time for the activities here at PVE? Is it perhaps because we often play cards with friends after dinner instead of taking on some project at home? We are usually too tired to start anything new anyway. Is later really okay? “Oh yes, after all, we are retired!”


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