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January 24, 2019 By Linda Jaffe

Move to Music Classes at PVE

Move to Music group classes are taught at both Deer and Laurel Creek on a regular basis. A seated exercise, Move to Music combines drumsticks with lower body dance steps creating a cardio workout that is fun. The class includes three phases.

The first phase is a warm up allowing the muscles and tendons to loosen up. It also helps speed circulation and metabolic rate. In the next phase, free weights, TheraBands or tennis balls are used. Free weights develop strong, stable joints, improve bone density and help build the strength and endurance necessary to perform activities of daily living. TheraBands offer a variable level of resistance to both upper and lower body which helps improve flexibility. Tennis balls are tossed, bounced and used in various ways to sharpen hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Last, the drum sticks are distributed, and residents move to the music, tapping the sticks to the beat of the music. Many residents sing along to the music moving their feet and legs in various steps and patterns. Singing as part of a group improves thinking and memory skills and boosts mood in those with dementia. Tapping the sticks helps with coordination, rhythm, timing and getting in the groove.

Stop by and get in the Move to Music groove. Check the fitness calendars for days and times.


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