Military Traditions

August 13, 2019 By Chuck Smith

Lt. Col. Dave Avery Retires

This spring, the PVE-AFJROTC Interface Committee held a Salute to Lt. Col. Dave Avery dinner to express gratitude for the service he has rendered to Paradise Valley Estates and the Fairfield High School cadets. Lt. Col. Avery retired earlier in 2019 as the aerospace instructor at Fairfield High School, a position he held for the past 13 years.

Through efforts by him, resident Chuck Smith, and committee members over the past six years, students have learned about PVE residents and their careers through presentations and talks at the school, participated in Cadet Honor Dinners in PVE’s main dining room hosted by residents, provided color guards at our Memorial and Veteran’s Day ceremonies, and gained career preparation planning at Let’s Talk seminars guided by residents. They’ve also participated in special events at the high school such as the “Space, the New Frontier” seminar held in last year.

The dinner was attended by Paradise Valley Estates CEO Kevin Burke, current and past PVEAFJROTC committee members, Lt. Col. Avery and his wife, and Master Sergeant Occiano (assistant aerospace instructor) and his wife. During the dinner, Kevin presented Lt. Col. Avery with a plaque recognizing his outstanding accomplishments and PVE’s appreciation for his work with our community.


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