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April 26, 2022 By Julie Turner

Local Planner: Napa Valley Gondola

When you see the Venetian gondola slip quietly down the Napa River, you might blink twice. This isn’t the storied Grand Canal of Venice, Italy; it’s modern-day Napa, California.

At Napa Valley Gondola, during the summer season, guests can savor a rare slice of floating peace punctuated only by the joyful sounds of Italian music and a singing gondolier. While the private river tours are favored by couples, each authentic, handcrafted Venetian gondola can hold up to six passengers of any age.

As if being whisked down the river by an experienced, singing, authentically-attired gondolier wasn’t enough, the shoreline views, according to former passengers, are nothing short of splendid. You can opt for the Casanova Cruise, a 55-minute cruise along the banks of the Napa River, where you’ll learn much about the region and its history or work with the company to create a custom itinerary that focuses on your interests. No matter the cruise, expect sweeping river views, interesting asides, and glimpses of wildlife on an unforgettable experience.

While you float downriver, enjoy a crisp bottle of wine and savory snacks which you can bring along. For details and booking information, visit Napa Valley Gondola. Check-in and departure are located behind the Riverfront Building at 700 Main Street at the Main Street Boat Dock.

Photo credit: Seth Daniel J.


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