October 5, 2016 By Liz Wildberger

Living Better through Chemistry

Nancy and Fred Wisner met in high school, but not as dewy-eyed teenagers. They were both science teachers at the renowned Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek. Fred was already a faculty member when Nancy came into the office, nervous about her first day.

After two years, Fred and Nancy decided to get married. It was a quiet affair. She says she felt no compunction to tell her students that she had changed her name to Mrs. Wisner, but as soon as eagle-eyed students saw her wedding ring, the excitement of linking the physics instructor with the chemistry teacher overcame her matter-of-fact demeanor.

Fred and Nancy taught together for 18 years. Nancy decided to shift her career path, settling into marketing and sales with biotechnology companies. Fred continued teaching in Las Lomas High School until he retired after 29 years as a respected faculty member in the science department.

A unique quality of Fred and Nancy’s marriage is their ability to share their travels with daughter, Melanie. Together, they pick a destination, varying widely from Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival, to Great Britain and Ireland.

Now retired and living at PVE, Fred and Nancy are active participants in volunteer activities. They are both PVE Ambassadors. Nancy also works in The Store, and is an advocate for adult literacy.

They’re both fitness-conscious residents; Nancy favors tai chi and Pilates, while Fred and his trekking sticks are a familiar sight. They both enjoy playing Bocce. Fred sings with the Cultural Chorale, works with the Termites and most recently has found a burgeoning interest in horseshoe pitching on Friday mornings.

In the evenings, on the Wisners’ favorite activities is reading together (Sometimes Fred, with his resonant voice, likes to read aloud to Nancy). This couple finds PVE a perfect home for them and we’re happy to have such wonderful and involved neighbors.


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