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May 24, 2016 By PVE Residents

Kentucky Derby Day at PVE

In your Easter bonnet

With all the frills upon it

You’ll be the proudest lady

In the Easter parade.

-Irving Berlin

Here at PVE we don’t have an Easter Parade. However, on the first Saturday in May we do have our own “eggstrawapanza” – our adaptation of the Kentucky Derby- and believe me, this includes enough latitude from the ladies in attendance to compete with anything seen in Louisville.

Our “Run for the Posies” at Fairfield Downs generates a lot of flowery creations as well as an array of birds, bees and butterflies included for a touch of whimsy.

Feathers were also in evidence: Marlene Dietrich used to sing “Where have all the flowers gone?” Somewhere in the world there’s an ostrich wondering “Where did all my feathers go?” Now we know, but we’ll never tell.

Many of these hats were created with loving care by the wearers. Here is a sampling of this year’s entries. As you can see there was plenty of competition. Our judges, unidentified for obvious reasons admitted they struggled with their ultimate selections.


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