December 22, 2016 By Jan Olson

Holiday Health & Safety

The holidays are upon us and ‘tis the season for cooking, decorating and entertaining. You may find yourself especially relying on your body as you enjoy the added festivities. We want to keep you safe and healthy with some seasonal posture tips.

First and foremost, don’t stand on a chair or ladder without assistance. Hire someone to do your inside and outside decorating if it involves heights and reaching for stored items on shelves or putting yourself into a compromised position.

We always think it won’t happen to us—but alas, one fall could change your life. Whether you’re baking dozens of cookies or wrapping bundles of presents, your body positioning and shoulders may feel uncomfortable. Whatever your task is this holiday season, ensure that it’s within your comfort level. For example, if you are cooking, get close enough to your countertop so you can easily manage your ingredients. Keep wrapping supplies close and use caution while cutting and reaching for objects.

If you are working while seated, find a suitable counter height for your chair or table. From here, do a shoulder roll. One shoulder at a time—a little forward, a little up, a lot back and totally relax. This will alleviate tension or pulling between your shoulder blades, which over time would tax your rhomboid muscles. And with your shoulders back and down you will encourage healthy circulation to your arms and hands to keep up your stamina.

Successfully managing stress and good health go hand in hand. While you can’t erase every stressor in your life, you can control your reaction to them by taking charge with exercise, the best medicine, and an appreciation of the good things in your life.

The fitness team wishes you and yours a Happy Holiday Season filled with Joy, Peace and Love.


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