October 12, 2021 By Dick Feaster & Dick Lubman

Here We Go Again

You might remember Dick Feaster and Dick Lubman from their two-week Southwest Summer Exploration Series or 2021’s Three Amigos Trip to Yosemite. They were at it once again this summer, with a trip exploring the coasts of Oregon and Washington and then coming down through Mount Hood, Crater Lake and Mount Shasta. Read on for more about their experience.

Our first stop was at Brookings, Oregon where we enjoyed a very pleasant evening after the longest driving day of the trip. We had a lovely view of the ocean and beach. A couple of days later we were at Lake Quinault Lodge where Dick L. and F. had a very interesting encounter. More about that in a future episode.

Along the way we found gorgeous coastal views, friendly people, and pet-friendly restaurants. Oh yes, we also found a few waterfalls and rainforests, and large flowers including rhododendrons. (We have pictures!) Then again, we also managed to get lost because we didn’t follow the lady in our GPS and: “We knew where we were going.” A ferry ride with the car in Port Townsend, Washington allowed us to continue our trip to the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

In Tacoma, Dick F. has a cousin, Linda, who hosted us royally for four days and even did our laundry. I jokingly said on the third day: “We better get out of here because she’s going to find something for us to do between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m.” Along the way we saw the Space Needle and the Dale Chihuly Museum in Seattle and had lunch with Shelly Levinson, who lived at PVE. She is doing quite well and is enjoying taking care of her grandchildren.

Dick F. grew up in Washington state and was familiar with a lot of locations Dick L. did not know. On the way to home we saw the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and a hydroelectric plant at Radford Island (Bonneville Dam) in Oregon. On the last day of May we stayed at Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood and as we pulled in there was a skier taking his skis off! The snow was 10 to 12 feet high! The following day we continued to Crater Lake and then on the final full day our trip, to Mount Shasta where we hiked seven miles around Lake Siskiyou. The last evening was a perfect end to our trip as we enjoyed dinner at the Mt. Shasta Resort.


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