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October 5, 2017 By Mary Lynch

Healthcare Knowledge Benefits Community Wellbeing

The Health Services Committee of the Resident Council serves as an advocate for resident’s health issues and provides and disseminates relevant health and wellness information. Its 10 members represent health disciplines including medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Most bring a vast and broad experience in health care as clinicians and managers. Others have an interest in health care because of previous experience such as volunteer work or family medical situations. If you have experience or interest in the health services field, we’d like to hear from you.

This committee has a strong emphasis on education for our community. Residents arriving at PVE receive information on health resources within PVE and the local area, and the information is updated annually for all residents. The Health Services Committee and the clinic complete this project together. Also upon arrival, residents are asked to share with their families an Information for Families brochure that explains the levels of care provided, clinic services, transportation support, and additional health services available to residents of PVE. The Health Services Committee created this brochure and system to share critical information with family members.

Committee members also participate in the resident councils of Laurel Creek and Quail Creek. They help these residents in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities address concerns and bring issues to the PVE Resident Council and management as appropriate. The Health Services Committee prepares and works with management on budget requests from residents within these areas. One example of the Committee’s work is when residents of Quail Creek needed an automatic door opener to assist people using walkers or electric wheelchairs in using the restroom near their dining room.

When any need exists within our community regarding health or wellness, this committee works with management to investigate, plan, and implement a solution. Another recent example is contracting with a local cab company to provide after-hours transportation. This was set up to provide weekend and evening health care transportation, but available to all for desired cab service. Also, a grocery delivery service is now available through PVE at Home, Raley’s, and resident volunteers.

Three members of the Health Services Committee rotate off annually at the end of each year. If you want to contribute to the well being of your fellow residents, please consider serving in this role.


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