Greater Good

January 14, 2021 By Nancy Wisner

Happy Times During COVID

COVID-19 restrictions were firm in the “Creeks” when one Paradise Valley Estates couple was separated by a trip to the hospital. Recovery would mean quarantining apart, too, which was frustrating for both of them. Even though they’d been married for 78 years, for safety reasons, they couldn’t visit except by waving through a window.

That’s when a fellow, tech-savvy resident suggested a FaceTime call between the two. Neither of them had ever attempted such a thing and there was skepticism all around. The Wellness team assisted in one location and a friend assisted from the other. Despite the helpers not being well-versed and the couple being wary of computers, after some coaching for everyone, the appointed time came. It worked like a charm!

The couple was like kids with a new toy. There were delighted cries — “You look good!” “Did you have a good lunch?” “When are you coming home?” “This is wonderful!” “Let’s do this again tomorrow.” “I’ll schedule a FaceTime call every day!” It was genuine joy.

A day after the first call, their grandson talked to them and was so impressed with the enthusiasm that he ordered an iPad for their home use, which arrived the next day. With help, the new iPad was set up. In days, they were FaceTiming with everyone in their contact list, (including me, who had just arrived in Pennsylvania for a visit with my sister).

It was a very uplifting experience for everyone involved. Teamwork triumphs!


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