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December 9, 2016 By Dottie Shelly

Halloween Fun at PVE

The Creative juices were obviously flowing when my fellow residents were choosing what to wear at the annual PVE Halloween bash.

There were so many wonderful costumes that the judges had difficulty choosing the winners. There were several categories from which to win.

The dining staff got in on the fun as well and paraded around the dining room in their wonderful creations. Every one of them were fabulous and well thought-out. There were big smiles from the diners. The winners were determined by applause.

Who would have thought in our golden years we seniors would be dancing the night away to terrific music by a large band and wonderful singer entertaining us to music we love to hear. Rawlinson Hall was full to capacity with residents strutting around the dance floor in their fine costumes, laughing and having a great time Halloween night.

The wonderful events planned through our Life Enrichment department brings such joy to the residents and keeps those who participate movin’ and groovin’. Denise Flowerday, Life Enrichment Manager, is full of ideas for each month of the year that bring smiles and great entertainment, making for a very happy life at Paradise Valley Estates.


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