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July 19, 2018 By Jerry Mulenburg

Great Decisions at PVE

The Great Decisions course about world affairs and U.S. foreign policy is well underway this spring with an active group of PVE residents filling the large arts and crafts room. Great Decisions leader Fred Barthmus facilitates the discussion about world affairs to enthusiastic PVE residents who want to learn more, and to express their views about what is going on in our country, and in the world. Created by the Foreign Policy Association and now in its 100th year, Great Decisions examines foreign affairs in an objective, non-partisan manner to, “ventilate the issues and to contribute to a national conversation on U.S. foreign policy.” Visual information via DVD film clips and commentary on the large screen plus a source book of information for each participant covers each topic.

The 2018 spring session begins with Woodrow Wilson’s global approach for America after WWI and covers a wide range of current areas of interest including, “The waning of Pax Americana,” “Russia’s foreign policy,” “China and America, the Media and foreign policy,” “Turkey as a partner,” democracy,” and “Global health.”

In his third year as facilitator of these discussions at PVE, Fred provides additional source material and commentary to enhance the discussion with thought provoking counterpoints made by the attendees. Fred has been able to disseminate the additional information to 31 of the 33 participants via the internet; the other two residents get the information in hard copy.

The internet has also made it possible for class members to forward wide-ranging information to Fred for further distribution to the discussion group.


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